How to Scrub Out your Pet’s Fleas

Fleas are no laughing matter, especially for your pets. Imagine having thousands of tiny, slimy insects moving all over your skin, and with no way to get them off. Then factor in that these insects bite incessantly, and you’ll soon realize that fleas can be an incredible torture for any pet. They lack the tools and ability to get rid of the fleas on their own, and that’s why you must do it for them. Yes, any responsible pet owner should get their pets the best care, treatment, and tools possible. It’s for their well-being, and for yours as well. Unchecked fleas can become a major problem for you, as well, so it’s best to take care of the problem immediately.

How Your Pet Got Fleas

Ctenocephalides-felisThrough your pet’s interaction with the world, he or she has come into contact with another animal with fleas. Whether it was another pet, some hunted rodent, or even a really gross person, the point is that your pet got fleas from someone out there. Keeping your pet indoors is a good way to prevent them from getting fleas, so keep that in mind for any pets who do not have them.

What are Some Good Treatment Techniques?

First and foremost, if your pet has fleas, you should give him or her a flea bath. This isn’t just a regular bath, and special products must be used in order to remove the fleas. Your pet should be scrubbed thoroughly, so as to remove any extraneous fleas. Additionally, once the fleas are gone, getting into a habit of bathing your pet regularly will help to keep fleas away. Fleas abhor clean pets and people, so regular bathing is essential! Look at the best flea treatment for your dog on this website.

You should also consider getting your pet a flea collar. These collars emit chemicals which do not harm your pet, but will remove any fleas on them. There are two primary types: gas emitting collars, which perform as one would expect, emitting a gas which repels fleas from your pet, and treating collars, which allow their chemicals to seep into your pet’s skin, making it a meal no longer appetizing for the fleas. Don’t worry about the chemicals, they’re perfectly harmless, and millions of pet owners just like you use them.

What if I Have Fleas?

Having fleas can certainly be as embarrassing as it is painful, so if you’ve caught them from your pet, you’re obviously going to want to get rid of them. For humans, getting rid of fleas is relatively easy. We lack the dense fur of our pets, so all you should need is a thorough shower. When you are taking this shower, however, be sure to scrub your hair well, as it may be a key hiding place for lurking fleas.

Fleas are quite a pain, often literally. They’ve caused immeasurable annoyance and problems for pets and people alike for centuries, and won’t stop any time soon. So, when your pet does inevitably come into contact with fleas, you should now be able to effectively combat them, and keep your pet happy and healthy.