A dog has been perceived for a long time as one of the earliest animals to be tamed by man. As opposed to most pets, a dog was only tamed by man to provide him with security mostly at night. This was because its capability to detect and respond to the oncoming danger instantly.

This was not until some new breeds of dogs were discovered that were able to perform much more complicated tasks which were never thought could be performed by a mere “Gate man”. One of these breeds is the famous Bouvier des Flanders.

Bouvier des Flanders or Toucheur de Boeuf or Vlaamse Koehond or Vuilbaardis a herding dog that its origin can be traced to Flanders in the present day Belgium. Its name (Bouvier des Flanders) is a French word that literally means Cow Herder of Flanders which is also indirect referral to where the breed was originally discovered.

Initially it was used to perform or assist in general farm roles like sheep herding, cart pulling and cattle droving. However, today its roles have surpassed to guard dogs, police dogs and now as just a pet inside the house.

It has an average general height of one foot. However this can sometime range from 11 inches to 2 feet in some cases. Its shoulder is generally four inches tall. It has a weight which range from 70 to 100 pounds which clearly states why it can perform more difficult roles like cart pulling than its counterpart breeds.

It has a life span of between 10 to 12 years which is slightly equal to the general life span of all the dog species.

Apart from being the most hardworking dog species, it`s also one of the most intelligent dogs ever. It can learn faster and adopts to any kind of training given to it by his/her master.

Because of its strong willed nature, it is always entrusted in performing its duties. In contrary to these, this dog is also very friendly and love to be being part of a family. This is why it’s easier to be kept as a pet.

It doesn’t like to be left alone. It can easily get bored and start behaving strangely like barking, chasing and chewing weirdly.

Bouvier des Flanders is the best dog species due to its flexibility and multitasking ability– qualities that everyone would like his or her pet to have.